Only lovers left alive

by Pálida

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released August 6, 2015

Music: nelo
Master: Álvaro Gallego Logroño




Pálida Vigo, Spain

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Track Name: Rider
Traces of a crime by the city lake
tried to cross the line, and boy they did!
Covered up in worms, like up from the grave
The thrill is gone and now he´s out for blood

We can see the future, every city´s gone
Left much of yr stuff on the run
We shouldn´t really prey on expectations
walking like a shark by the shore
Track Name: Closure
I will try my best just to explain
the crazy shit that´s going on
with all my friends, my family
we feel surrounded like honey by bees.

In this crowded land where we stand
we´ll understand the magic of a realm reborn
a foolish grin in the anti-chamber of my childhood room
where we´ll loose it ll and then will move on.

then I´ll be delighted to stay at home,
and we could share a cup of tea,
with all my friends, my destiny,
to discover a thing is a thing
but blue is green just for you and me.